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A Partner is an Accredited Associate who is trained to BUILD, GROW and SUPPORT the MAP4LIFE TRIBE and TEAM. To become a Partner you need to participate in the 12-week Stewardship Program which begins with a two-day classroom session followed by a four-week (20-Day Program) of Business Plan Development and a eight-week Strategy Implementation Phase. A Partner may invest in the stewardship of an initial territory with a population of 10, 20, 50 or 100 thousand people. 

A significant global enterprise needs a committed network of passionate local businesses focussed on touching lives and transforming people.

Glen A. McQuirk


There is nothing more fulfilling than being part of a business that is aligned with my passion for unlocking human potential and purpose.

Melonie Gobel

Partner, East London

100% Engineering Purposeful Lives

When you become a PARTNER, you immediately gain access to online training, tutorials, videos, resources and other exclusive benefits though our Partner ONLY Portal. You also gain access to our HELP DESK for support as you BUILD YOUR BUSINESS. Should you not be intirely happy with your purchase, we will provide a FULL REFUND within 30-Days.


You must be registered as a ADVANCED ACCREDITED ASSOCIATE to attend the Stewardship Program. Your entry level access to the Partner Portal is activated on completion of the initial two-day Stewardship Program. You can find out more about the Stewardship Program on our website or using the button below. Progress is influence driven and determined by number of VIP Members active within the defined territory. A start rating is assigned accordingly. Once a Partner as 1,000 or more VIP Members within their territory, they may apply for Directorship. The below subscription is all that is required to have access to all the latest support materials and training to effectively operate at the assigned level.


100 plus VIP Members



  • $75/month

  • MAPDAY Participation

  • WEB Territory Page

  • PROMO Territory Events

  • TEAM Provincial

  • ONE STAR Portal


500 plus VIP Members



  • $250/month

  • MAPDAY Leadership

  • WEB Territory Portal

  • PROMO National Events

  • TEAM Regional

  • THREE STAR Portal


200 plus VIP Members



  • $150/month

  • MAPDAY Hosting

  • WEB Territory Comms

  • PROMO Provincial Events 

  • TEAM National

  • TWO STAR Portal


You will be able to download various tools and materials applicable to your access level.


You will enjoy access to online support and regular training webinars.


24/7 secure instant access the latest tools and materials for delivery of your training.

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